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I've cultivated an open and collaborative environment in which I actively seek feedback from a variety of sources, including my team, peers, and upper management. I firmly believe in the value of gathering input through diverse methods such as 360-degree feedback tools, one-on-one discussions where I actively solicit suggestions for enhancing my leadership style and skills, as well as comprehensive performance reviews.

Rather than resorting to generic questions like "How am I doing?" I strive to elicit precise feedback by asking questions such as, "When I communicated our shift in direction, were there any areas of confusion, and how can I refine my communication approach?" or "During our collaboration on that project, in what specific ways can I enhance my listening skills?"

Recognizing areas where I need to further develop my capabilities, I proactively engage in training sessions and workshops to acquire new skills. I've come to understand that integrating the feedback provided is crucial; failing to do so may convey a lack of genuine concern for others' input, potentially leading them to perceive it as a wasted effort.

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